Day 3

Rue de la Comédie

In the deserted street: a little girl cries.
I’m scared: is she really suffering?
But no: it’s a child’s tantrum.
She performs the name of the street: the Comedy.

I ask: Is anyone there?
Someone responds: For the moment, yes!
Immediately, I enter: see people, yay!
Finally speak: I didn’t say a word this morning.

Someone says to me: We can’t kiss you.
Someone says to me: Do you want a coffee?
Someone says to me: If you want, you can stay.
Someone says to me: we’ll understand if you don’t want to.

Here is my instruction: do what I want!
Return to Paris: leave Montauban?
Or go back home: to that apartment?
I like it: it’s almost luxurious.

I’m not at my house: I am in a residency.
Montauban: temporarily I live there.
I am a writer: I will be a hermit.
I am in lockdown to write: what if I was lucky?

Antonin Crenn, french version here

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