Day 26

2. The pedants

Three genies, the first comes out of the kettle, the second from
the mimosa, the third comes in through the window, burst and
collide on the stage. They will later multiply into a
very large number of actors, intensifying a conversation that
was already threatening to ignite at any moment


Look, towards the filtering sun,
under the apples the plate of Denmark — its inclusions
this blood red background
and its golden border:
its style is as precious as it is patchwork

(Fulgur, without even knowing who had spoken):

My friend, the sun itself I imagine it you see
in this image
as having nothing to do with a real star: it too would be made
just like a potter’s plate
with workshop offcuts

(Amazilia, in the shape of a bird):

I will not join any metaphysical debate
on my end
about the nature (uncreated or not…) of the sun

—or of any other reality as distant at it is
for that matter

if not for those who I peck in the morning
in a palm
and who are of course the work of a toaster.

Already, Aurore was transfixed.

Arsène Caens, french version here

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